Raising sunken boats

ADB Boat sitting on bottom tn.jpg
Banda Aceh - The typical procedure when a boat has sunk is to wait for low tide and tie barrels onto the boat as low as possible. Then at high tide, take another boat and attempt to tow it into the shallows, wait for low tide and patch the hole and pump the water out. If the boat owner does not have the funds to do this (~USD$300) the other alternative is tie a line onto the engine and gearbox and yank it out and leave the hull where it sank. In this particular case, a boat (value approximately $40,000) given by a funding organization was about to be abandoned. They were getting ready to pull the engine, instead we showed them how to float the boat with a couple of barrels and an Oxfam water bladder that we stuffed into the hold and then filled with air from a compressor. We raised the boat in several hours, a lot better than yanking the engine and leaving the rest to rot. This was part of the River Cleanup Project sponsored by American Joint Distribution Council.