Mapping coral, co-management with the Panglima Loat Lhok

*Defining no-go areas for purse seine boats with the fishermen

Fishing Location clip Dec tn.jpg
West Aceh - One of the primary goals of the project was to help the purse seine boats to keep their nets off the coral; this saved their nets and saved the coral. During the initial stakeholder assessment, we found the fishermen were damaging their nets once or twice a year. Whenever this happened, a captain and crew of 20 were out of work until the net could be repaired. This usually took ten days and cost approximately USD$3000 in materials; (note: their nets are typically 1200 meters long by 80 meters deep and cost USD20,000 new). As a part of the mapping portion of the project we identified coral within the fishing areas. In discussions with the Panglima Laot and many of the senior fishermen, it was decided that the area south Airo Cut and North of Leupung would be 'off limits to purse seine boats.