Research vessel 'Penelope'

0_Penelope 3 tn.jpg
- In a previous life, Penelope was a shark fishing boat; however she has retired from that activity and with some extensive refitting she is ready to begin her life as a research vessel for Sumatra Konservasi Alam.

Typical of the characteristic Meulaboh design, she had her 23 hp diesel removed and replaced with a 108 horsepower diesel. The cabin extended to include a dinette sleeping accomodations for four, a small galley and a head. As far as electronics she has forward looking sonar, hull-mounted sidescan sonar, two underwater cameras, a small dive compressor, and a battery bank with an inverter to run the onboard computers.

Doing this work, compartmentalization, installing all the backup and emergency gear, Penelope served as a teaching platform for local boat builders.