Panglima Laot radio network

- Fishermen have bought or been given a variety of radios, standard VHF, Marine VHF, CBs, etc.. The problem is that these types of radios operate on totally different frequencies. The end result is that a boat with one type of radio cannot communicate with a boat with a different type of radio. It seems the toke choose which type of radio they are going to buy based upon what is cheapest or what model radio their friend uses.

A second issue is that the senior Panglima Laot are now calling one another to discuss issues; however, because there is no conference call functionality these must occur as a series of conversations between two people at a time and this can take a tremendous amount of time become quite expensive.

One strategy to address these problems might be to facilitate the development of a radio network; start with eight centers in Aceh. In addition, include P. Wei and P. Aceh due to their Northernmost position.

Start by distributing 130 marine VHF radios to Panglima Laot participating in each LSC (range=25 km). Install 8 SSB radios at each of the sites (range = 1000 km), plus 1 in P. Aceh and 1 in P. Wei. Educate the fishermen that they must all buy the same type of radio. Secondarily, promote a radio forum where Panglima Laot from each of these centers gather to participate in a weekly discussion of current issues. Thirdly, when an emergency happens, e.g. a boat lost or in trouble, encourage PL to call one another (i.e. the closest PL to the boat in trouble) to coordinate rescue efforts.

Note: include DKP, TNI and Marine Police in network development