Bathymetry project expanding

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- Japanese Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) has agreed to provide 50 units to expand the mapping project into other areas of Aceh. This equipment will be distributed according to the locations as discussed and agreed at the Panglima Laot Lhok meeting in October. "Since we have a lot of data for the seas around Banda Aceh and a pilot projects in Calang and Lhoksumawe. We will expand the existing pilot programs and establish pilot programs in Sigli, Lhoong, Meulaboh, Peudada and Meurebeu." Additionally, DKP in Bireun and Pidie have asked to participate in the bathymetry mapping program. Each DKP district to purchase equipment for the fishermen in their districts from their 2010 budgets and distribute to the fishermen through Panglima Laot Lhok.