Third version of Bathymetry map online

*Downloadable file to view information through Google Earth

Google with CBBS.jpg
Aceh, NAD - This Google Earth file contains fisheries and bathymetric information collected by the traditional fishermen over a one year period. It describes hazards and near-shore bathymetry, as well as fishing locations for day and night purse seine boats. It also indicates which areas around Pulau Weh are restricted by the Panglima Laot from night fishing by large boats.

Note: The arrows indicate where a purse seine boat has dropped it's net, the color and size of the arrow also gives an indication of the tidal condition and ocean currents at that time. The colors relate to the depth of the water in meters. Red for shallow, yellow for slightly deeper (caution) and green and then blue and purple are deeper yet. The sounders mounted on the boats had a 300 meter range so the extent data is limited to the near-shore continental shelf.