Fishermen examing the Fish ID pocketguide

*Acehnese fishermen taken advantage of taxonomically

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- Fish names are frequently not the same in different parts of Aceh, and fish prices vary throughout Aceh according to local taste and the ability to export. While there were some export species that fishermen had learned to identify according to global standards (e.g. Red snapper and Spanish mackerel), many species were often lumped under one local name. For example, three different species of tuna were viewed as identical by the Acehnese and sold for the same price ($2.20 kg); however, in Japan these three species (Yellowfin, Bigeye, and Southern bluefin) sold for $7.00, $16.00 and $56.00 per kg respectively. We made this taxonomic guide to help the fishermen know the difference between these different species.