Fish taxonomy posters

Coral Reef Fish tn.jpg
- Fish names frequently vary across Aceh, there are different names in East coast, as opposed to West coast, in Banda Aceh compared to Meulaboh. These differences are not subtle, they vary to the point where the fishermen do not know what type of fish you are even talking about. It is easy to see how calling them by different names from one village to the next makes it difficult to export fish.

For many of the commercial species in the waters surrounding Aceh these posters list the Acehnese names in different parts of Aceh and relate them to the International Latin scientific name. The desired outcome for creating and distributing these posters are to help educate the fishermen and provide a common reference when discussing local fish populations and their management.

We routinely tell the fishermen "we are not here to help you catch more fish, because you won't, fish populations are declining. But we can help you manage your fish so you have fish next year, and the year after that"

So working through the Panglima Laot (traditional authorities), with the department of fisheries (DKP) this project will work to increase the fishermen's access global markets and to help them increase their incomes in that manner.

Digital full size posters are available in the Products section of this website.