Tracking fish market prices

*Data from all over Aceh to compare with fish prices from international markets

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- From a livelihoods perspective, the Acehnese fishermen are being taken advantage of taxonomically. They do not know that one species of fish is sometimes worth 10 or 20 times that of another closely related species. As a result just a few fish buyers are becoming quite wealthy buying fish at local prices and then reselling them at the higher prices. While there are some export species that fishermen have learned to identify according to global standards (e.g. Red snapper and Spanish mackerel), many species are often sold together under one local name. For example, three different species of tuna are viewed as identical by the Acehnese and sold for the same price ($2.20 kg). However, in Japan these three different species (Yellowfin, Bigeye, and Southern bluefin) sell for $7.00, $16.00 and $56.00 per kg respectively.

One strategy to help the fishermen increase their income is to teach the fishermen the difference between the species and make it easy to compare local prices around Aceh with international market information. So far we have price data on nearly 200 species from 22 Acehnese fish landing sites.